Automakers Doing Their Best To Sell Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars took up a lot of space at the L.A. Auto Show this year. Despite this large presence, the hybrid market only accounts for a fraction of the American car market. To increase the share, automakers are doing their best to create more attractive hybrids.

Hybrids account for less than 3% of the new cars sold in the U.S. Facing new EPA rules that nearly double current mpg requirements, automakers are putting every possible advertising penny into selling their hybrid technology. ”They want you to think of their company as primarily a green company,” says Brian Moody of A recent study by Kelley Blue Book shows that nearly half of consumers say they’ll never consider buying a hybrid, mainly because of price. Auto executives say customers may not be ready for hybrids, but the car companies need to lead them there. They say that this technology is the only way to meet the upcoming EPA standards.

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