Mercedes Version of The Prius? (E-Class Hybrids)

Typically a gas-guzzling luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the diesel and gasoline models of the E-class hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show this week.  The diesel version is expected to debut in Europe, where prices are still lower than gasoline, while the gasoline version will show up first in the U.S. and Asia. 

Mileage figures on the hybrid E-class have been around 45 mpg on the diesel version and 27 mpg for the gasoline model.  The numbers aren’t overly stunning except when compared with some other Mercedes models, like the 12-cylinder CL600, which gets 14 mpg according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  E-class sedans and station wagons will use a combination of the latest in technology to achieve their green status, including auto start-stop, a lithium-ion battery, and “sailing” at high speeds. 

Performance, on the other hand, is what you’d expect from a Mercedes.  Perhaps that’s the surprising part:  the hybrid diesel engine still manages 204 horsepower, while the gasoline version an impressive 306 hp.  Both versions also have an additional 27 hp that can come from electric motor. 

Both versions have 0-60 times right around 7 seconds as well.  Not bad for the Mercedes-Benz version of the Prius! Check here for the latest Mercedes E Class deals in your area.