Legendary Car Man Carroll Shelby Dies at 89

Carroll Shelby, the man who rose to fame as a racecar driver before going on to build one of the most iconic of production sports cars of all time, has died at the screaming-into-the-finish-line age of 89. 

Though his body has finally been retired, his cars and his legend roll on. As a racer, he raced everywhere from the Bonneville Salt Flats to Formula 1 tracks. In 1959, he won at Le Mans, one of the most storied races ever. In 1956 he was named Sports Illistrated’s driver of the year.

As a car builder, he roared as well. Shelby has been involved with the numerous variations of the Ford Mustangs that have run our roads from the sixties until shortly before his death. His GT350 and GT500 of the late sixties are still cars at the top of the wish lists of many present-day collectors, as does today’s 540+hp Shelby GT500. He was also the builder of the great Ferrari beater:  the Shelby Cobra 427.