Diamond Car Paint Has Arrived

German tuning house Gemballa has done it. Using the ancient art of alchemy, Gemballa has made diamond auto paint.

Tired of the long-ago cliché metal flakes that impressed us back in the 70s, the tuner has instead mixed crushed diamonds with paint to come up with the world’s most expensive car coating. Gemballa says that it is not merely a matter of crushing diamonds and then mixing them with a batch of paint. No, to get a paint that’s worth its high cost, the diamonds have to be ground until they are tiny enough to be painted onto a surface while at the same time still being large enough to have light-reflecting facets.  

The tuner, best known for the fine work it has done on Porches (Porsche deals here), says that the diamond paint is available in many shades of color from grey to white.