A Hyundai That Should Never Be Washed?

Talk about a great car for the lazy guy looking for a stylish ride. The new Hyundai Veloster Turbo with the black matte finish comes with a warning that you should never wash it with traditional products.

A few things come to mind, like what happens if you do? Just about every car-care product and the entire car wash industry are meant to polish and remove marks from clear coat paint using abrasives and waxes. The problem with a matte finish is that soft abrasives can create a shine where there shouldn’t be one. Once you have these shiny spots there is no way to restore the original finish without a complete new paint job.

Hyundai supplies a list of tips for caring for the matte finish because, after all, poor care will void the warranty. Here are a few of those tips.

  • Do not use wax, detail spray, ArmorAll, or any products made for normal paint.
  • Do not use products that are even mildly abrasive, such as polishes, glazes, or rubbing compounds.
  • Do not use mechanical cleaners or polishers.
  • Do not use terrycloth, cloth or paper towels. Do not rub the finish vigorously.
  • Do not use commercial car wash facilities or their shine enhancement products.
  • Remove foreign substances such as insect remains, tar, and road debris using a soft applicator and a mild solvent, saturate and soak area before cleaning — rub lightly.
  • Hand-wash with a soft wash mitt and mild cleaning product safe for matte paint.
  • Use microfiber cleaning cloths with alcohol-based window cleaner, for basic surface clean-up.

Just imagine, you only have to pay an extra $1,000 for the privilege of taking on these additional care requirements :) 

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