The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: A Van so Invisible it’s a Dodge

Though the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been driving America’s roads since 2001, it has largely done so unnoticed. The tall, boxy van is oftentimes a canvas of sorts on which others are able to create a vehicle of their choosing. Sometimes it even hides behind the badge of a Dodge or Freightliner logo.

More than three-quarters of the four-wheeled boxes that are powered by a Mercedes diesel engine sold in America receive some sort of after-market customization. These changes may be to function such as when it becomes an ambulance, a hotel’s pick-you-up-from-the airport vehicle, or a refrigerated fish delivery van. And, for other customers, these changes may be all about the form, such as the ones fitted with leather-wrapped teak humidors (yes, this writer admits that those have a function) and flat screen televisions.

Mercedes-Benz knows the Sprinter market and offers the van in four basic configurations of various lengths, payload capabilities, roof heights and wheelbases. In total, a mixing up of these measurements can produces 19 different vans and trucks.