Volvo C30 Given Three Months to Live

The Volvo C30 has been given a date of execution: December 31, 2012. Production of the Volvo C30 Polestar Edition and all of the other C30s will stop at the end of this year. Sure, you will still see the odd C30 here and there on the roads, but keep in mind that what you are actually witnessing is some poor soul driving a dead vehicle. The pity you will feel will be very similar to that sad, empty feeling you get when you hear someone speaking a dead language such as Latin.

Volvo sold 26,000 C30s in North America in the half a dozen years it was sold on the most powerful continent the world has ever known. This year, fewer than 2,000 have been sold in the Chosen Land. Talking about the decision, Volvo said in a release to its dealerships, “This is a necessary step under our new business strategy and as part of our ongoing efforts to transition both financial and human resources to the development of high volume products to better sustain our brand health and network viability moving forward.”