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Insure Audi A3

We have relationships with Audi insurance providers in all 50 states to give you access to the lowest insurance rates for your Audi A3. Here at Quick Car Quote, we find you the lowest Audi A3 insurance rates – right from your pc or smart phone.

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Insuring Your Audi A3 For Less

When insuring this 200 hp or 140 hp 4-door hatchback, it’s possible to decrease your rates in a number of ways:

  • Refrain from sending texts while driving, and don’t speed. Accidents and traffic violations will make it incredibly costly to insure your Audi 4-door hatchback.
  • Try to keep your miles low. Your rates are influenced by the mileage you put on your Audi A3 per annum.
  • Try to improve your credit score. Many companies now check out your credit rating when determining your insurance rates.
  • Select a high insurance deductible. This will minimize how much you pay per month.
  • Keep your A3 in a covered area overnight, when possible, as this improves your premiums.
  • Shop around.

Audi A3: Specifications

Below are the 200 hp or 140 hp 4-door hatchback specifications:

  • Engine: 2.0 liter inline 4 turbo or turbo-diesel
  • HP Rating: 200 hp or 140 hp
  • Seats: 2 front, 3 rear
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual or sequential gearbox
  • EPA City: 22 mpg
  • EPA Highway: 28 mpg
  • Cost: $27,270 to $30,850

The Audi A3 is the most luxurious hatchback on the market, offering the build quality and appointments of much more expensive vehicles. The A3 is known to offer impressive accident safety and average dependability.