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Never insure your Audi Q5 until you’ve compared quotes to figure out who is offering the cheapest rates. No longer will you have to waste time going to an actual insurance agent. We’ll help you find the least expensive Audi Q5 insurance rates – straight from your computer or smartphone!

Insuring Your Audi Q5 – Easy

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Insuring Your Audi Q5 At A Lower Price

Beneath are several tips to help you decrease your rates when you insure this Audi compact SUV:

  1. Don’t get in the driver’s seat while texting or after drinking. This may lead to a major accident, which can make your rates skyrocket.
  2. Car pool. Rates are driven by the miles you drive per annum.
  3. Stick with a large deductible. The larger your insurance deductible, the lower your premiums.
  4. Research options and rates.

Mini-Review of The Audi Q5

The specifications for this 23 mpg compact SUV are listed below:

  • Engine: 3.2 liter V6 (270 hp)
  • Seats: 2 front, 3 rear
  • Gearbox: 6-speed automatic
  • EPA City: 18 mpg
  • EPA Highway: 23 mpg
  • MSRP: $37,350 to $40,000

The Audi Q5 Is a compact SUV that combines serious luxury and exceptional handling. The Q5 gives you impressive crash safety and above average reliability.