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Financing Audi S5

Never finance your new Audi S5 without some Audi S5 finance quotes to back you up. No longer will you have to spend your time trekking from dealer to dealer. We’ll help you find the hottest Audi S5 financing specials and pricing – and you don’t have to leave your laptop or computer!

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Audi S5 0% APR Financing

Zero percent financing on Audi S5 makes for the ideal situation – monthly payments without shelling out extra for interest. It’s our mission to assist you in tracking down Audi S5 0% finance specials in your region. Just don’t forget, you will need to have terrific credit for S5 auto loans with zero APR.

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The New Audi S5 Mini-Review

The Audi S5 is the performance variant of the beloved A5, offering a choice of six or eight cylinder engines. This 333 to 354 hp coupe or convertible offers good crash safety and solid fuel economy: 20 mpg around town and 26 mpg on the highway. The S5’s roominess is solid for its class, sitting 3 front, 2 rear in style. A base S5 will run you approximately $36,000, although you should be prepared to pay nearer to $58,250 for a fully loaded model.