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Minimizing Your Audi TTS Insurance Costs

Beneath are a few tricks to help you spend less when insuring this Audi coupe or convertible:

  1. Never text or drive while preoccupied, and refrain from speeding. This may result in a major accident, which can make it incredibly costly to insure your Audi coupe or convertible.
  2. Car pool. Your rates will be contingent on the mileage you drive every year.
  3. Maximize your overall credit score. Many insurance providers now check out your credit score when coming up with your rates.
  4. Select just the coverages you actually need.
  5. Compare quotes.

Audi TTS Price

Here are the AWD coupe or convertible specs:

  • Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 5 (265 hp)
  • Seats: 2 front, 2 rear
  • Gearbox: 7-speed sequential or manual
  • MPG City: 23
  • MPG Highway: 31
  • MSRP: $37,800 to $48,900

The Audi TTS is the high-performance variant of the beloved TT sport coupe. It can do 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds, and the advanced all-wheel drive system makes for sure-footed handling at Autobahn speeds. The TTS delivers good accident safety and okay dependability.