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Insuring BMW M3

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Insure Your BMW M3 Without Spending Too Much

When insuring this 414 hp sedan or coupe, you’ll be able to save money in many ways:

Avoid texting while in the drivers seat, and avoid speeding. Accidents and citations will make it hugely expensive to insure your BMW M3. Try to keep your miles low. Your rates will be largely decided by how many miles you drive per annum. Maximize your credit ratings. Many insurance companies now evaluate your credit ratings when quoting your premiums. Select a large insurance deductible. This will decrease how much you pay monthly. Park your M3 in a covered area during the night, when possible, as this minimizes your premiums. Pick only the categories of coverage you really need. Do your homework.

BMW M3 Specs

The BMW M3 is a world-class sports car, combining a 400 hp powerplant with track-tuned suspension. This rear-wheel drive sedan or coupe gives you excellent collision protection and average fuel economy: 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the freeway. The M3’s seating is solid in comparison with its competitors, seating 2 front, 3 rear in style. MSRP for a base M3 is $33,150, though you should be prepared to spend as much as $67,050 for a well-equipped model.