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Insure Chevy Avalanche

Searching for the very best insurance rates for your Chevy Avalanche? We make it easy to find the cheapest insurance rates for Chevy Avalanche – on the web.

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Decreasing Your Chevy Avalanche Insurance Costs

When you insure this 320 hp crew cab pickup, it’s possible to lower your expenses in a variety of ways:

  1. Don’t text or drive while preoccupied. Accidents and traffic violations can make your premiums become prohibitively expensive.
  2. Utilize car-pooling programs and public transportation when possible. Rates are largely influenced by the mileage you put on your Chevy Avalanche on a yearly basis.
  3. Shop around.

The New Chevy Avalanche Mini-Review

The Chevy Avalanche features an innovative, integrated bed and cab. This Rear-wheel drive or 4×4 crew cab pickup gives you excellent crash protection and decent gas mileage: 14 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. The Avalanche’s seating is solid in comparison with its competition, seating 3 front, 3 rear in style. A base Avalanche will run you approximately $35,725, whereas you should expect to pay nearer to $48,865 for a well-equipped model.