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Chevy Equinox 0% Financing

Zero percent financing on Chevy Equinox puts you in an ideal situation financially. You get paying monthly without interest charges. We will find you nearby Chevy dealerships offering zero percent financing on the Equinox. Just don’t forget, you will need to have first-rate credit for Equinox car loans at zero APR.

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Specs of The Chevy Equinox

The Chevy Equinox delivers a surprisingly car-like ride, along with a choice of six or eight cylinder engines. Base price is $22,615, whereas fully-loaded models cost about $29,970. Generally, industry experts have lauded this SUV, not surprising given a 2.4-liter inline 4 or 3.0-liter V6 that provides 182 to 264 hp. This horsepower is delivered through a 5-speed automatic and Front or AWD, and fuel economy has been good: 20 mpg around town and 29 mpg on the freeway. Crash protection is impressive, while reliability is solid.