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Insuring Chevy Volt

Looking to insure a brand new Chevy Volt? If so, you need to find out who offers the least expensive Chevy Volt insurance rates in your area. Here at Quick Car Quote, we’ll find you the right insurance policy for your Chevy Volt – right from your pc or smartphone!

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Lowering Your Chevy Volt Insurance Costs

When insuring this 150 hp sedan, you can get lower rates in a number of ways:

Never text or drive distracted, and don’t speed. This can and will cause a major accident, which can make your premiums go through the roof. Car pool. Rates are influenced by how many miles you put on your Chevy Volt on an annual basis. Park your Volt in a garage at nighttime, if at all possible. This minimizes your premiums. Just pick the coverages you actually need. Comparison shop.

The New Chevy Volt in Detail

The Chevy Volt is the gas sipping miser that it is advertized to be. Chevrolet found a way to keep the 0-60 time under nine seconds, so quick acceleration does not suffer excessively. You can travel 40 miles without using gasoline at all, but, since the gasoline engine will kick in at that point, you do not have to be a slave to a charge station. Base price is set at $35,000, whereas fully-loaded models cost around $40,000. Overall, testers have lauded this sedan, offering up a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder electric that delivers 150 hp. This horsepower is delivered to the ground through a 1-speed direct drive and front-wheel drive. Gas mileage is 32 mpg city and 36 mpg on the freeway. Crash ratings are good, while reliability is above average.