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Insuring Dodge Dakota

Looking to insure a new Dodge Dakota? Then you’ll want to find out which insurance company will offer you the lowest Dodge Dakota insurance rates where you live. We can help you find the cheapest Dodge Dakota insurance rates – without even leaving your computer!

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Insure Your Dodge Dakota For Less

Let’s consider several stategies to help you save cash when you insure this Dodge pickup:

Never text or drive drunk. This can cause accidents, which can make your premiums become prohibitively expensive. Car pool. Your premiums are determined by what kind of mileage you put on your Dodge Dakota each year. Consider a large insurance deductible. This will decrease how much you pay per month. Compare rates.

Dodge Dakota Specs

The Dodge Dakota is aid to have a better ride than its midsize competitors – an important trait for anyone who spends time on the highway. This 210 to 302 hp pickup offers above average crash safety and average fuel economy: 14 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the freeway. The Dakota’s roominess is solid for its class, sitting 3 front, 3 rear in comfort. Pricing for a standard Dakota is $22,755, although you should be prepared to pay as much as $33,180 for a fully loaded model.