GMC Canyon Insurance Rates – Online!

Insuring GMC Canyon

We work with the top GMC insurance providers nationwide to provide you with the least expensive insurance rates for the GMC Canyon. Let us help you find the least expensive insurance rates for GMC Canyon – right from your computer or smart phone.

  • Allstate
  • Safe Auto
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive

Lowering Your GMC Canyon Insurance Costs

When you insure this 185 to 300 hp pickup, you’ll be able to save some money in several ways:

Don’t get in the driver’s seat while texting or after drinking. This may cause accidents, which will make your rates skyrocket. Take advantage of ride-sharing programs and/or municipal transit when you can. Premiums are influenced by the miles you accrue per annum. Enhance your credit ratings. Many providers now look at your credit rating when coming up with your rates. Stick with a significant deductible. The higher your insurance deductible, the lesser your premiums. Research prices.

Specs of The GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon gives you a choice of four, five, or eight cylinder engines, as well as varying cab configurations. ESC is now standard. This rear or part-time 4WD pickup delivers below average accident protection and subpar gas mileage: 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. The Canyon’s interior is ample for its class, seating 3 front, 3 rear in comfort. A base Canyon will run you about $18,190, though you can expect to spend nearer to $29,835 for a fully loaded model.