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Insuring Hyundai Accent

Never insure your Hyundai Accent until you’ve done your homework to figure out who will offer you the best premiums. Here at Quick Car Quote, we’ll find you the best insurance policy for your Hyundai Accent – on the web!

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Insure Your Hyundai Accent At A Lower Price

Below are some strategies to spend less money when you insure this Hyundai 2-door hatchback or 4-door sedan:

Refrain from texting while in the drivers seat, and don’t speed. This may cause a major accident, which can make it insanely costly to insure your Hyundai Accent. If possible, keep your mileage low. Premiums are driven by what kind of mileage you put on your Hyundai Accent on a yearly basis. Keep your Accent in a garage during the night, if possible. This lowers your rates. Only choose the coverages you really want. Research options and rates.

Hyundai Accent Specs

The Hyundai Accent may not come with standard ABS or ESC, but it is one of the few new cars under $10,000. This front-wheel drive 2-door hatchback or 4-door sedan features below average crash protection and good gas mileage: 26 mpg around town and 35 mpg on the freeway. The Accent’s interior is considerable for its class, seating 2 front, 3 rear in comfort. Base models are going for $9,970, although you should be prepared to shell out as much as $16,995 for a fully-equipped model.