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Insuring Kia Borrego

Searching for the lowest insurance rates for your Kia Borrego? Don’t waste time getting an appointment with a local broker. We’ll help you find the lowest insurance rates for Kia Borrego – on the web!

Insurance For Your Kia Borrego – Online

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Insure Your Kia Borrego At A Lower Price

When insuring this 276 to 337 hp SUV, you can get lower rates in a number of ways:

  • Refrain from sending texts while driving, and don’t speed. This may lead to a major accident, which can make it insanely expensive to insure your Kia Borrego.
  • Don’t hesitate to use ride-sharing programs or municipal transit when you can. Your rates are largely decided by the miles you put on your Kia Borrego per annum.
  • Maximize your fico score. Many providers now take a look at your credit scores when determining your insurance rates.
  • Select a high deductible. The more significant your insurance deductible, the lower your rates.
  • Keep your Borrego in a garage at night, if at all possible, as this lessens your premiums.
  • Only go with the types of coverage you really want.
  • Shop around.

Kia Borrego Specifications

The Kia Borrego is larger than the Sorento, though arguably less refined. It offers more storage, towing capacity, and seating room at a reasonable MSRP. The starting price is $26,245, while fully loaded models could run you around $39,995. All in all, critics have praised this SUV, which boasts a 3.8L V6 or 4.6L V8 which produces 276 to 337 hp. Power is transferred to the ground via a 5 or 6-speed automatic and rear, part-time, or permanent 4WD, and gas mileage has been 16 mpg city and 21 mpg on the highway. Crash ratings are good and reliability is decent.