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Lexus GX 0% Financing

Securing Lexus GX car loans with zero percent APR puts you in an ideal situation financially. You get every-month payments without having to pay interest. It’s our mission to help you uncover Lexus GX zero percent finance deals in your region. Just remember, it takes excellent credit to be eligible for GX auto loans at zero APR.

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Lexus GX Review

The Lexus GX 460 is based on the 4Runner platform, meaning it enjoys true off-road prowess – unlike many luxury SUVs. This permanent 4WD SUV features above average crash protection and subpar gas mileage: 15 mpg around town and 20 mpg on the freeway. The GX’s roominess is considerable when compared with its competition, sitting 2 front, 3 rear, 2 third in style. The base GX will cost you around $51,970, although you can expect to pay as much as $56,765 for a fully-equipped model.