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Financing Lexus HS Hybrid

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Lexus HS Hybrid 0% Financing

Securing a new Lexus HS Hybrid auto loan at zero interest makes for the ideal situation – every-month payments without having to pay interest. We’re able to find you local Lexus dealers offering 0% financing on the HS Hybrid. Just bear in mind that you will need excellent credit to get approved.

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Mini-Review of The Lexus HS Hybrid

The Lexus HS Hybrid utilizes the drivetrain from the Camry Hybrid, yet is superior in almost every way: performance, luxury, aesthetics. Starting price is set at $34,650, though fully-equipped models cost about $37,420. Generally, critics and consumers alike have been impressed by this sedan, not surprising given a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder hybrid which produces 187 hp. Power is delivered to the road via a CVT and front-wheel drive, and gas mileage is 35 mpg around town and 34 mpg highway. Crash ratings are above average, while reliability is excellent.