Mercedes-Benz CLS Insurance Rates – Online!

Insuring Mercedes-Benz CLS

Please don’t insure your Mercedes-Benz CLS until you’ve done your homework to determine who is offering the cheapest rates. Here at Quick Car Quote, we’ll find you the best insurance for your Mercedes-Benz CLS – straight from your computer or smart phone!

  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive

Insure Your Mercedes-Benz CLS Without Breaking The Bank

Below are a few tips to save money when insuring this Mercedes-Benz sedan:

  1. Never get in the driver’s seat while sending texts or after drinking alcohol. Accidents and citations will make it hugely pricey to insure your Mercedes-Benz sedan.
  2. Car pool. Your rates are contingent on the mileage you put on your Mercedes-Benz CLS every year.
  3. Go with only the types of coverage you really need.
  4. Shop around.

Specs For The Mercedes-Benz CLS

The Mercedes-Benz CLS features sleek coupe-like lines with four doors. The CLS sedan series includes the…

  • CLS550
  • CLS63 AMG

The range of safety features and high-tech advancements is extraordinary. Luxury is, of course, unrivalled. Base price is set at $72,400, while fully-loaded models could run you up to $97,950. By and large, reviewers and customers alike have lauded this sedan, which has a 5.5 or 6.3-liter V8 that makes 382 to 507 hp. This horsepower is transferred via a 7-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. EPA-estimated fuel economy has been 14 mpg city and 21 mpg highway. Crash-test ratings are impressive and reliability is average.