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Insure Mercury Mariner

Looking for the best Mercury Mariner insurance rates? You don’t have to waste time finding a broker who works with all of the top carriers. We can help you find the lowest insurance rates for the Mercury Mariner – and you won’t need to leave your computer!

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Decreasing Insurance Rates For The Mercury Mariner

Listed below are several tips to help you get a better price when insuring this Mercury SUV:

  1. Never send texts or drive drunk, and don’t speed. Accidents and tickets can make your rates become prohibitively expensive.
  2. Try to keep your mileage low. Rates are largely driven by the miles you put on your Mercury Mariner each year.
  3. Improve your credit score. Many insurers now take a look at your fico scores when assessing your rates.
  4. Select just the forms of insurance coverage you actually need.
  5. Comparison shop.

Mini-Review of The Mercury Mariner

The Mercury Mariner is a dressed-up version of the Ford Escape that has impressed critics and buyers alike. You can even get yourself a Mariner Hybrid that delivers 24 mpg. The base price is set at $23,560, while fully loaded models cost about $31,855. As a whole, testers have lauded this SUV, which boasts a 2.5-liter inline 4 or 3.0-liter V6 which provides 171 to 240 hp. Power is transferred to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic and Front or AWD. EPA-estimated fuel economy is 30 mpg around town and 27 mpg highway. Crash protection is excellent and reliability is above average.