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Zero interest financing on MINI Cooper Countryman is a very good deal – monthly installments without interest fees. We’re able to assist you in locating MINI Cooper Countryman zero APR financing deals locally. Just remember, you will need good credit to get approved.

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The New MINI Cooper Countryman Mini-Review

The MINI Cooper Countryman is MINI’s first step into the compact SUV market. The optional ALL4 all-wheel drive system makes for confident motoring on slippery surfaces, and yet this ?large Mini? loses little in the way of being fun-to-drive as compared to its smaller siblings. The base price is $22,500, though fully-loaded models could run you around $34,000. Overall, critics and customers both have loved this compact SUV, not surprising given a 1.6 -liter inline 4 (NA or turbocharged) that produces 118 to 208 hp. Power is transferred via a 6-speed manual or automatic and Front or AWD, and gas mileage has been 24 mpg around town and 31 mpg on the freeway. Crash-test results are impressive and reliability is above average.