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Insuring Mitsubishi Eclipse

We have relationships with the top Mitsubishi insurance companies – names like GEICO and Nationwide – to provide you with the very best insurance rates for your Mitsubishi Eclipse. Don’t spend your time going to an actual insurance broker. We’ll help you find the best Mitsubishi Eclipse insurance rates – and you don’t need to leave your computer!

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Insuring Your Mitsubishi Eclipse For Less

Listed below are a few strategies to cut costs when you insure this Mitsubishi 2-door hatchback:

Never text or drive while preoccupied, and avoid speeding. This may lead to accidents, which can make it hugely costly to insure your Mitsubishi 2-door hatchback. Keep your mileage low. Your premiums will be largely decided by the mileage you put on your Mitsubishi Eclipse annually. Opt for a high deductible. This tends to decrease how much you have to pay a month. Keep your Eclipse in a covered area during the night, if at all possible, as this improves your premiums. Choose just the categories of coverage you actually need. Shop around.

Specs of The Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is one of the most affordable sports cars you can buy. Performance-oriented buyers will want to opt for the six-cylinder model, which offers 103 more horsepower than the standard four-cylinder. The base price is $18,999, though fully-loaded models could set you back around $32,599. Generally, testers have praised this 2-door hatchback, providing a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder or 3.8 liter V6 that produces 162 to 265 hp. This horsepower is transferred via a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic and front-wheel drive. EPA-estimated fuel economy has been slightly subpar: 16 mpg around town and 24 mpg highway. Crash-test results have been good and reliability is above average.