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Insuring Nissan Pathfinder

We work with the major Nissan insurance providers – names like Allstate and Nationwide – to give you access to the most competitive insurance rates for the Nissan Pathfinder. Let us help you find the best insurance policy for your Nissan Pathfinder – straight from your pc or smart phone.

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Lowering Your Nissan Pathfinder Insurance Rates

Let’s consider some tips to save money when you insure this Nissan SUV:

Avoid text messaging while in the drivers seat, and don’t exceed the speed limit. Accidents and traffic violations will make it incredibly costly to insure your Nissan Pathfinder. If possible, keep your mileage low. Premiums are driven by the miles you drive each year. Make improvements to your credit score. Many providers now examine your fico score when quoting your rates. Keep your Pathfinder in a covered area at night, when possible, as this minimizes your rates. Choose just the coverages you really want. Compare rates.

Nissan Pathfinder Specs

The Nissan Pathfinder comes standard with a V6 that bests many V8 competitors while returning better gas mileage. Of course, an eight cylinder option is also available. This rear or selectable 4WD SUV gives you above average accident safety, while EPA-estimated gas mileage 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the freeway. The Pathfinder’s seating is ample for its class, sitting 2 front, 3 rear, 2 third in style. Basic models are going for $27,540, although you should be prepared to shell out closer to $42,300 for a well-equipped model.