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Insure Your Subaru Legacy Without Spending Too Much

Below are a few suggestions to help you decrease your rates when you insure this Subaru sedan:

  • Avoid sending texts while behind the wheel, and don’t exceed the speed limit. Accidents and citations can make your rates skyrocket.
  • Utilize car-pooling programs or public transit when possible. Premiums will be contingent on how many miles you accrue annually.
  • Enhance your credit scores. Many insurers now take a look at your credit ratings when coming up with your premiums.
  • Stick with a higher deductible. The more significant your deductible, the lesser your rates.
  • Park your Legacy in a garage overnight, if at all possible, as this decreases your rates.
  • Do some research.

Subaru Legacy Review

The Subaru Legacy is a stand-out among full-size sedans. The AWD system (standard) enhances safety in snowy and rainy conditions, while the interior is well-appointed. Many have opted for the Legacy as a more mature alternative to the WRX. This AWD sedan delivers impressive collision protection and good gas mileage: 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the freeway. The Legacy’s roominess is solid when compared with its competitors, seating 2 front, 3 rear in comfort. MSRP for the base Legacy is $19,995, though you should be prepared to spend closer to $29,995 for a fully-loaded model.