Subaru WRX STi Insurance Rates – Online!

Insuring Subaru WRX STi

In the market to insure a new Subaru WRX STi? If so, make sure you see which company provides the least expensive Subaru WRX STi insurance rates in your area. Let us help you find the least expensive insurance rates for Subaru WRX STi – on the web!

  • Progressive
  • Liberty Mutual
  • And A Lot More!

Minimizing Your Subaru WRX STi Insurance Costs

When you insure your WRX STi, you’ll be able to get lower rates in many ways:

Don’t get in the driver’s seat while sending texts or after drinking, and don’t speed. Accidents and tickets can make it insanely costly to insure your Subaru WRX STi. Don’t hesitate to use car-pooling groups and public transit when you can. Rates are largely contingent on the miles you put on your Subaru WRX STi on an annual basis. Maximize your overall credit score. Many companies now analyze your credit scores when assessing your insurance rates. Only choose the types of insurance coverage you really need. Do some research.

The New Subaru WRX STi Mini-Review

The specs for this 305 hp sedan or wagon are listed below:

  • Engine: 2.5-liter 4 turbo
  • Horsepower: 305 hp
  • Seating: 2 front, 3 rear
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual
  • EPA City: 17 mpg
  • EPA Highway: 23 mpg
  • Cost: $24,995 to $34,995

The Subaru WRX STi is a race-bred rally car for the street – a wolf in wolf’s clothing. It delivers significantly more power than the standard WRX, along with a race-tuned suspension and cool STi badging. The WRX STi has been shown to offer impressive crash safety and average reliability.