Camaro ZL1 Burns Quarter Mile in 11 Seconds

A stock 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 has laid down a supercar-demolishing 11.9 seconds on a quarter-mile track. The chill-inducing runs were done twice, once by a stock-trim Camaro with automatic transmission and once by one sporting a stick shift. The cars reached 116 and 117 miles per hour during their runs. The stick-shift Camaro ZL1 […]

Legendary Car Man Carroll Shelby Dies at 89

Carroll Shelby, the man who rose to fame as a racecar driver before going on to build one of the most iconic of production sports cars of all time, has died at the screaming-into-the-finish-line age of 89.  Though his body has finally been retired, his cars and his legend roll on. As a racer, he […]

The Six Roomiest Pickup Trucks

Though pickups are normally bought for their bed space and their towing capabilities, there is no doubt that many folks still prefer to drive and ride in trucks offering plenty of passenger room. Fortunately, for the big and tall among us, a list was put together of the roomiest half-dozen pickup trucks. The compilers of […]

Mazda6 Muzzles the V6 Option

There is a vanilla rumor afloat. It tells the tale of a cotton-headed decision made by those who fear speed and speed. That’s right, the lightweight executives at Mazda have decided to neuter their gorgeous 2014 Mazda6 by taking away its V6 option. This unforgiveable move will leave drivers with a car that is powered […]

Ford Fiesta Production Halts in Germany Due to Sluggish Sales

Demand for the Ford Fiesta has not quite been a party in the Rhineland. In fact, sales have been so slow in Germany that the American automaker has decided to stop and slow production at its plant in Cologne, Germany until October. German unit Ford-Werke has said that it will stop production for at least […]

Fantastic Growth in Carbon Fiber Car Parts Forecasted

The Chief Executive Officer for the world’s second-largest maker of carbon-fiber composites for aircraft has said that the carbon fiber industry will soon see “outlandish” growth in auto part sales. Cytec CEO Shane Fleming said that within from five to 10 years, carbon fiber auto part sales will surpass the carbon fiber aerospace industry due […]

BMW 650i Convertible Has the Need for Speed

In the eight years since the BMW 6-series was resurrected in 2004, it has drawn attention and praise for its less-than-conventional designs and styling that were crafted by Chris Bangle. However, Bangle, perhaps the most controversial auto designer of the past ten years, is no longer on top at BMW and many industry observers are […]

The 5 Cheapest Cars To Own In 2012

Buying a new car is a great feeling. Unfortunately, the good feeling can turn sour as the total costs of ownership start piling up. Things like parking, gas, insurance, and repairs can sometimes overwhelm you if you have not planned properly for them. Some cars cost more after purchase than others. Here are the five […]

Details of Lamborghini SUV Leaked in New York

Lamborghini has used a special event in New York to release enticing details about its yet-to-be-unveiled SUV through the mouths of a select group of singular individuals. The attendees were invited to the preview gathering to give their thoughts and input on the possible probable addition of a third model to the lineup of one […]

The Ford White Sidewall Tire Turns 78 Years Old

It was 78 years ago this April 6th that the Ford Motor Co. first offered its white sidewall tire to its customers. This white wall option was a huge step for the automaker whose founder had once quipped that his customers could have a car in any color they wished as long as it was […]