Canada Price for 2013 Scion FR-S to be $27,500

Scion’s Canada division has unofficially released the price for its gorgeous 2013 Scion FR-S. The monospec model will cost $27,500. Although there will be numerous variables that will affect the American price in addition to currency conversion rates, the Canadian pricing has led some industry observers to say that the car will be priced at […]

Chinese-Automaker Geely to Release its First SUV in March

Chinese-Automaker Geely is to launch its first production SUV, the Gleagle GX7, next month. Engineered for the environs of the city, the rumor is that the Gleagle will have the room and seats for five adults and two tykes.    Hints of the SUV have been bouncing around the web since at least 2008 when Greely […]

Ford Mustang (Possibly) Going International

Murmurs are murmuring from within Ford land about the possibility of its most iconic of cars, the Mustang, expanding its market into global lands. The nascent plan is in part due to reports of the pony already being sighted galloping through nations where it has not been legally sold. Talking about Ford’s most famous vehicle […]

Green VW Golf to be Safe, Luxurious

On the road since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has seen many variations over the years. This year though just might be its greatest year of change with rumors of the yet-to-be released Mk7 Golf being powered by new engines and having many new technological features. There will be four versions of the new Golf, a […]

Auto Dealers Optimistic about 2012 Sales

Automotive dealers surveyed at the just-finished National Automobile Dealers Association Convention said they were feeling bullish about auto sales in 2012. More than 30 per cent of those surveyed felt that their sales would leap by at least 20 per cent, while close to 50 per cent of those who responded to the Ally Financial […]

Hyundai Pulls MPG Claims from Super Bowl Ads

  Hyundai has removed mile-per-gallon claims from it Super Bowl advertisements, due to, in the opinion of some industry observers, pressure put upon the Korean automaker by consumer advocacy and watchdog groups. Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit advocacy group, says that Hyundai’s Elantra’s stated 40 MPG is rubbish with real drivers driving in the real world […]

Hyundai, Subaru, Lexus, Kia Dealers Happiest with Their Automakers

Not every dealership is happy with its parent automaker. In fact, the industry is rife with tales of carmakers forcing unpopular models onto their dealers’ lots along with stories about further competing franchises being given out as more and more family-owned, one-brand dealerships close. That being said, not every dealership is unhappy with its parent […]

India: Home to the World’s Cheapest Car

Man, Indians have got it made. Not only are their musicals more popular than ours, their curries more curry-ific, but their lower-end cars are much more lower-endy than ours. In fact, the newest low-end cars hitting the Indian market are so cheap that the average poor family in the U.S. could easily pick one up […]

Mercedes-Benz Offers Matte Finishes

Mercedes-Benz has added matte-finish options to some of its more top-end models. The move follows a similar decision made by Hyundai, which recently began offering a flat grey Veloster Turbo. Mercedes has gone a bit further in the matte-finish game than Hyundai has by starting with a palette containing four matte finishes: flat silver, white, […]

Ferris Bueller’s Having Another Day Off in Super Bowl Honda Ad

Matthew Broderick’s back as the wise-cracking slacker Ferris Bueller in a Honda commercial that is slated to air during this year’s Super Bowl on February 5. The web is all a-twitter with thoughts that the ad just might be serving double duty as being a teaser for the 30-year-old original.         However, some folks with […]